How Non-Amazon Retailers “Leaned Into” Prime Day To Increase Sales

“Retailers and brands took advantage of the buzz, the demand, the awareness, that Amazon has created and really rode that wave for great growth,” says Rob Garf, VP of Industry Strategy and Insights for Salesforce. “Retailers didn’t just ignore Prime Day, but they leaned into it.” Opens World’s Largest B2B Marketplace To US Businesses

Today is a great day for US small businesses. Manufacturers and wholesalers can join today to sell to the world. The platform is now open to enable those businesses to reach the 190 countries at four corners of the globe where we have ten million business buyers on the platform.

Ford Proves the Power of All-Electric F-150 Truck By Pulling Train!

Ford Motor Company released a video of its F-150 All-Electric Truck prototype to allay any fears from truck owners that the electric version would be the weak sister in the F-150 family. They attached 1,000-foot freight train to the back of the electric pickup, weighing over 1 million pounds, and easily towed it 1,000 feet down the track.

How WiFi6 Will Change Your Workplace

You know those days in the office when everyone is there and the WiFi just seems so laggy? As it turns out, even the most advanced WiFi technology up until now could only connect to a few devices at a…

AI Is Really Going To Change Everything

“We think that AI is really going to change everything,” says BeyondMinds co-founder Or Kramer. “We consider it the fourth revolution. It feels like AI is a huge buzzword right now and everything is AI and actually, it’s true. Every week there’s a new like state-of-the-art article that is being published and it’s changing completely how we do things.”

Founders Syndrome Is a Real Thing, Says Craigslist Founder

“I wasn’t temperamentally suited to be CEO or really any kind of manager,” says Craiglist founder Craig Newmark. “So I was thinking maybe it is time to step down. The biggest lesson is that founders syndrome is a real thing. The faster you think about that and then step down the better off you are.”

Bank of America CEO: Our Efficiency Is Driven By Technology

“It’s absolutely a fair statement that we are actually a technology company that is really fabulous at banking,” says Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan. “Our efficiency is driven by the technology enablement of the consumer and wealth management companies and it’s always more efficient to serve it that way. So that 57 percent efficiency ratio, that’s enabled by technology.”

Our Machine Learning Platform Helps Brands Retain Their Customers, Says Medallia CEO

“We’re a platform that helps some of the biggest brands in the world really understand their customers in live time and communicate with them while they’re in an experience,” says Medallia CEO Leslie Stretch. This helps them retain their customer and perhaps sell them another experience. It’s this machine learning platform that does that.”

Facebook’s Libra Is a Force For Good, Says PayPal Co-Founder

“In general, Libra is a force for good,” says PayPal Co-Founder and Affirm CEO Max Levchin. “It’s a really interesting experiment. I’m glad they’re doing it in a way that isn’t just Facebook because of all the headwind that Facebook has experienced with the regulators.”

We’ve Seen Active Buyers Consistently Grow, Says eBay CEO

“The most important thing that we look at is the underlying health of the marketplace,” says eBay CEO Devin Wenig. “For me, that really comes down to three things. It’s how many people are shopping with us? How many people are selling with us? And how much inventory is in the marketplace?”


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